Google Security Expert: This Is the One Place You Never Want to Use a Computer

Tips from a security expert at Google on how to keep yourself safe online.
It used to be that a pop-up ad was your biggest threat online. These days, hackers have all kinds of tricks to steal our personal information. Worse yet, sometimes we just hand it over to them without even knowing.
Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from the folks at Google who see this stuff every day, including the No. 1 place you never want to use a computer because it can put you at serious risk.
We spoke with Parisa Tabriz, Google’s “Security Princess.” She is in charge of security for Google’s Chrome browser.
Here are some of her top tips:
1 – Watch for malicious downloads disguised as software updates
“Attackers know people are looking for security updates they should install – or something that they need to watch a video and they’ll mask bad software as those things you think you need,” said Tabriz.
2 – Don’t reuse the same password on various sites
“If you use the same password on multiple different sites it really puts you at greater risk – attackers know this so they’ll go after the weakest site, try to break the password and try to use it on more sensitive accounts,” Tabriz explains.
3 – When it comes to public computers – steer clear.
“You should just assume these public computers have malware on them. [Hackers] put keyloggers on them where they sniff every keystroke, or malware – and you shouldn’t trust those computers or use them at all.”
Tabriz says hotel lobby computers are the absolute worst and to avoid them at all costs.