Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

Facebook is the most popular social networking site one would come across. From kids, to oldies, Facebook is the talk around everywhere. With almost 900 million users registered in this social network ,Facebook is the one among the largest growing social media today. Though facebook claims to be very secure and difficult to hack , there are quite a few ways through which a hacker can easily hack into your account.

These ways are generally initiated by the user himself unknowingly.User id’sare vulnerable to being hacked by many, with various ways they find.  And so here are some measures you could take to keep your account safe from them.
  •  Keep your email id hidden from everyone. Go to my profile, and personal i formation, and let you id be visible to only you.
  • Remove all your email addresses, and change the primary one as the one which is only known to you.
  •  For additional safety, use the secure browsing and send an email when logged into from another browser option active.
Keylogger is a virus that can be installed into your computer by a cracker, and keep a track of all the activities happening in there. It can be done remotely, and even more easily if the cracker has personal access to the system.
Phishing is the easiest way to trick users from logging in to the fake websites created. It takes just a few codes and a url, and some measures to not be detected as a fake one. Prevent yourself from phishing by some basic measures.To keep safe, never click in random urls, for they might be a spam. Always use Facebook’s homepage for logging in. Always use safe search. Report sites you find fishy.
To prevent keylogging, never click on fishy websites. Avoid use of pirated software’s, and tool bars that come for free. Use a strong antivirus, and keep a regular check on your system. Always make sure that the USB devices and other flash drives being used in your computer are secure.
Social engineering could involve any trick that could fool you into giving out your personal details. From your security questions in general discussion to mails that could be a spam, ir somebody from Facebook asking you to change your personal Facebook details to the one stated by them. Its all just a spam. BE AWARE.
To prevent yourself from being fooled in such tricks stay cautious all the time. Keep security question to which answers would remain confided to only yourself. Nobody from facebook would ever ask you to change your password or other personal details. Always remain extra careful, for such hackers are just around the corner searching for anybody they could victimize.