SQL Query to get Serial Number as comma separated value for SAP Business one Item

SQL Query for SAP Business one to get Serial Number of Item as comma separated value 

t4.DistNumber + ', ' As'data()'

        FROM ORIN T0 
        INNER JOIN RIN1 T1 on T1.DocEntry = T0.DocEntry 
        INNER JOIN OITL T2 ON T2.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry AND T2.DocLine = T1.LineNum AND T2.DocType = T1.ObjType 
        INNER JOIN ITL1 T3 ON T3.LogEntry = T2.LogEntry
        INNER JOIN OSRN T4 ON T4.AbsEntry = T3.MdAbsEntry AND T4.ItemCode = T3.ItemCode
        INNER JOIN OSRQ T5 ON T4.SysNumber = T5.SysNumber AND T4.AbsEntry = T5.MdAbsEntry  
        WHERE T0.DocEntry  =provide  docentry

        FOR XML PATH(''))Dist