Enable/Disable Transaction Notification for Batch Transaction,Seriail Number and other Documents in SAP Business One

Some times what happen you want to add some notification for those documents where SAP does not provide you an access to write notification query for that like Batch number or Serial Number Window in Standard but there is a way by which you can perform those notification query and enable and disable Transaction notification for some specific object by setting in following  query under [CompanyDatabase].CTNS table.

By default,folllowing objects are registered into CTNS as NOT to send the three kinds of notification:


2. SBO_SP_Transactionnotification


ICE 10000044(BTN), 10000045 (SRN), 10000066 (SRQ), 10000067(BTQ), 310000008 (BTW), 10000062 (IVL), 310000000 (IVK), 310000003 (IVQ), 310000005 (IVE)

by default, object 10000045(SRN) seems set to be registered into this table as NOT,so you will need to set or update it to YES manually.

You can update it as below:

Update CTNS Set EnableTn = 'Y' Where ObjectId= '10000045'

Update CTNS Set EnablePTn= 'Y' Where ObjectId= '10000045'

Hope this details will help you.